Gripped by the uncertainty of the unfolding covid-19 pandemic, the world turned to the arts – earnestly, urgently, & even as a remedy. For many of us, what we have lost is hope and sense of purpose. For this, we need only gaze into each other’s eyes, into the depths of our shared humanity and the vivid splendour of infinite imagination.
– Maddy Cuerton

This film was created with the help of many, many amazing humans.


Piano: Cat Gallagher
Voice: Emily McMullen
Sound Engineer: Hugh Sinclair
Creative Musical Director: Emily McMullen

Featured Artists

Emily McMullen
Rowan Bowyer
Jessica Bordeaux
Jess May
Rani Tesiram
Tilly Oddy-Black
Mina Yahagi
Lara Gibson
Ruby Gunnis
Christine Bowley
Annaliese McGuire
Sabrina Matruglio
Bruno Domingues
Daniel Trigger
Chantelle Lockett
Cat Gallagher
Camila Vilanova
Jess Thomas
Elle Steiner


Isabelle Rickards: Bruno Domingues shooting Camila Vilanova
My wife Roberta: Footprints on the beach
Bruno Domingues: All other footage